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Homeschool coaching – We help motivated moms homeschool successfully because your children’s success begins with yours.

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Does this sound familiar?

“Which homeschool curriculum is the best?” “How do I socialize my child so they don’t get weird?” “Can I actually do this?”

All these questions and more we hear from homeschool parents often. They are good questions and need answers but none of them is the right question.

What’s the right question, then? At Hearts + Smarts Homeschool Coaching, we believe the right question is:

“What is the mindset of a successful homeschool parent?”

After years in the trenches of homeschooling, we found that the right mindset is the crux on which successful homeschooling hinges. And we want to share that powerful mindset with you!

We encourage you to:

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or all three! It would be an honor to work with you and provide the homeschool help that you and your kids deserve.

Let’s make this your best homeschool year yet, you can do this!

Who is Hearts + Smarts Homeschool Coaching?

“Amanda from Hearts + Smarts has been an incredible inspiration and resource in our family’s homeschool journey. She has demonstrated and taught me the importance of keeping a rhythm in our home that flows into our homeschool days, giving my children each devoted attention every day to allow them to truly thrive, and how understanding my why for homeschooling helps us power through the challenging moments.”

homeschool coaching testimonial
Brittany hill
Mom of 5

“My child wouldn’t be graduating from Prek this Spring, without Amanda’s guidance in choosing the right curriculum, structuring our school days, and helping me organize my goals for my son’s education.”

Homeschool help - book a free coaching call
Courtney rogers
Mom of 1

“When researching about how to homeschool in the state of Washington, I just felt overwhelmed. My mind was getting over-flooded with info, and then soon I started to feel, “Is this even the right route to go?” But then I came across Amanda and knew then she’s the one I needed to help coach me through the process. After my session with her, I felt more confident that “I CAN DO THIS”. She was very insightful and always made sure that I understood the info she was sharing with me, and also was very open to questions I had.”

Alofa Singh
Mom of 1

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